Andrew A East

Managing Director

Andrew East

Andrew East

Andrew previously worked with a major Above Ground Storage Tank products and maintenance services provider with the task to actively develop the Sales and Marketing of the company’s products and services in the Above Ground Storage Tank industry in the territories of Europe, Russia, Africa and the Middle East. He has travelled extensively over the past 14 years and has been major contributor in the growth of the company Internationally.

Prior to this, between 1993 and 1999 he had worked with Daniel Industries in the field of Fiscal Metering Systems for Oil and Gas pipelines, Terminal Automation Systems on major strategic projects particularly in the Balkan Countries, Central & Eastern Europe, Russia, and other third country export markets. He has an additional 12 years of Sales and Marketing experience in the Oil, Gas & Petrochemical equipment supply industry between 1981 and 1993.

He is considered to be a specialist in the knowledge and development of the Balkan Region & Eastern European Oil & Gas markets and has visited many of the refinery, marketing terminal and pipeline owners on a regular basis since 1986.

Andrew has a background in Mechanical and Production engineering and is an active member of the Institute of Directors and Institute of Export.

He also served on the Board of Directors of the EIC (Energy Industries Council) in the United Kingdom (2008 to 2013). Andrew has been associated with the EIC since the mid 1990’s and has been a regular participant in EIC events globally.

Andrew is a recognised and respected speaker in the industry and has presented commercial and technical papers plus technical workshops on various aspects & subjects in the Above Ground Storage Tank industry worldwide over the past 17 years. These include the African Refiners Association, IIR, Platts, Stocexpo, TSA, and many client, in house seminars. He has also been Chairman of several conference events worldwide.

Andrew has good all round cross sector technical knowledge and experience covering mechanical static equipment, pipeline, flow – process instrumentation in the Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and Water Sectors.

He also has experience in the waste management sector for Organic and Inorganic waste streams for utilisation with AD Biogas and Biomass Energy from Waste systems.

Over the past 34 years he has travelled extensively in Europe, Russia, Africa, Middle East and Asia and has a clear understanding of the cultural and business relationships required with new and existing business opportunities. He has returned from a 9-month strategic development assignment in the downstream Oil sector in India Qtr. 3 2013.

He was also actively involved in concluding several acquisitions and associated due diligence assignments.

Rudi Ferreira

Technical Director

Rudi Ferreira

Rudi Ferreira

Rudi’s background, expertise and experience has been focused in Hazmat response, Bio-remediation and Waste Management. He has always demonstrated a passion for this sector. Rudi is a qualified Level 7 Hazmat first responder.  He owned and operated his own Hazmat response company for over 12 years and in addition sub-contracted to Enviroserv Waste Management.  Their key client was the Eskom utility company in South Africa. During this period, he carried out hundreds of bio-remediation soil clean ups, with excellent results. Rudi has attended many road tanker roll over incidents and managed the emergency response operations and the emergency services.

With his vast experience in the use of absorbents and other remediation products, he decided to explore and develop his own new products.  Together with the University of Free State (UFS) he developed a bio-remediation product – ‘HydroEater’ that breaks down complex hydrocarbon chains into lesser forms.  HydroEater proved to be very successful during the early testing phase and this been successfully utilized in many projects over recent years. HydroEater has demonstrated that this has double the effectiveness of similar bio-products currently on the market.

He has a wealth of onsite experience in storage tank cleaning, storage tank building and other hydrocarbon storage and product transportation systems.

Rudi also operated a recycling company in Newcastle under the name Northern Natal Recyclers (NNR).   ArcelorMittal appointed NNR to manage their waste management system.   The 5-year contract awarded came to an end but he managed the project for 7 years.